Cat CareMission: Cats offers a cat-only experience that ensures you come home to a happy, healthy kitty. With a powerful HEPA air filtration system clean air moves through our over 1200 sf space. Kitties are given purified water and kept well supplied with their favorite toys and treats.

We never charge extra for playtime and cuddles. We house a small number of cats, enabling us to give each cat the attention and admiration it deserves. Our staff is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. We are insured by Kennel Pro. We have security cameras (and even better, kitty cams!), an alarm system, as well as a sprinkler system. We are located two blocks from the 24 hour San Francisco Veterinary Specialists.

About your cat’s stay with us:

  1. Call, visit or submit via online registration to make your reservation. The required paperwork for boarding is on our website under registration.  You must complete it and return it prior to arrival.
  2. Check your kitties are properly vaccinated. Mission: Cats requires FVRCP and highly recommends Feline Leukemia and Rabies. Please have your vet email a copy of your kitty’s record showing current proof of vaccination (some FVRCP are 1 year and some are 3). You must submit proof prior to  checking in, however any cats without current vaccination PROOF will be turned away. We do accept written exemption from your vet for older cats. There are vaccination clinics throughout the City. Please check out the VIP clinics that happen every weekend at Pet Food Express!
  3. Mission: Cats is a FLEA-FREE zone. We require that your cat is on flea medication AND receive a flea check on arrival. If your cat is not a regular user of flea medication we will apply Revolution upon arrival at a cost of $25. Even indoor only cats must be on a flea treatment to board with us. We recommend all cats are kept on flea control, as this helps prevent tapeworms as well. Fleas can travel indoors to cats easily on other pets or humans entering your home. Flea season is pretty much all year in SF and the fleas are hearty here!
  4. The minimum age to board with us is 4 months old and every cat must be spayed/neutered.
  5. We accept drop offs and pick ups by appointment only: Monday – Friday between 8am and 4pm and Saturday and Sunday – 9am and 4pm. Before/After hours pick-ups/drop-offs: $25.00 per hour after 4pm (7am-8am & 4pm-5pm).  We require a one hour window, otherwise you may be subject to a $25 late fee.  Pick-ups after 3pm will be charged a full-day/night rate.
  6. We cannot accommodate FIV+ cats. Please contact your vet for boarding a FIV+ cat.
  7. During non-holiday periods we require 48 hours notice prior to your appointment or you will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. During holiday periods we require a $100 deposit to hold a reservation. If cancelled with 7 days or more notice prior to your appointment, you will be refunded the $100 deposit. Less than 7 days, the deposit is non-refundable. Holiday periods are as follows: Memorial Day, July 4th, August 26-September 4, November 18-26 and December 20 – January 5.
  8. Kitties love their comfort objects! Please feel free to bring your cat’s favorite blanket or bed, clearly marked with their name.
  9. Please bring enough food for your cat’s stay. Cats do best on their regular food when away from home. Our house food charge is $5.00 per meal.
  10. What if my kitty get’s sick? We first call you, in case your cat’s behavior is actually normal for them. We will then try to contact your regular vet. If possible, we will take your cat to your regular vet. If they are unable to be contacted, or it is deemed critical your kitty will be taken to the San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, located only two blocks away.
  11. Wonder what your kitty is up to? Sign up for email updates and your cat will send you an email note, with a picture or video showing you how much fun she is having! Our webcams show the rooms. Also check our Twitter and Tumblr, as we have updates from all of our guests.
  12. We have a 5 night stay minimum during our peak November 18-26 holiday period; and a 7 night minimum stay during December 20-January 5.