18 Tips To Help Lengthening Your Cat’s Life

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For a certified cat parent like you, lengthening your cat’s life is always a fulfilling quest worth-doing every single hour.

We wish nothing but the best for our cats. Surely, we devote our sincerest times on our goals to establish tight bond with our kitties and to increase cat lifespan to mention a few. Upon this paw-filled genetic mission of giving broader and longer measure to cat life expectancy for our feline confidants, we must be willing to take on the responsibilities as cat parents.

18 Tips To Help Lengthening Your Cat’s Life

Below are healthful tips on how to lengthen your kitty’s life as well as time with you:

  1. Practice a Regular Vet Visit
    No matter how knowledgeable we are when it comes to our cat’s proper care, there are still people who know what’s best for our pets. Keeping regular visits to the vet makes you even more aware of do’s and don’ts in caring for your cat and keeping in touch with his current health & body condition.
  2. Provide proper nutritional care & vaccination
    This comes as one of the most prior ways even from kittenhood to help our cats live longer. Providing them the right vaccination and nutritional needs like a proper dose of vitamins helps cats build strong immunity against health problems. One concrete way to help them live longer.
  3. Keep your cat hydrated
    Don’t let your cat grow dehydrated – not ever. Proper hydration is as important as keeping your cat in the right track. Always keep a clean, safe water on your cat’s bowl, accessible around the house.
  4. Always keep cat indoors (if possible)
    The dangers of outdoor are unpredictable and unimaginable. Better keep your cat indoors all the time. Though it can’t be helped for a cat to slip away for a little while, take a close watch while they’re outdoors. But being inside the four walls of your home is much more relieving while having your cat on your lap and a cup of tea on your side.
  5. Spay/ Neuter
    Spaying and neutering your cat can save him from a hundred fold of possible health and physical problems. One is preventing uncontrolled reproduction and avoiding unfortunate pet loss. Spaying will also lead to a happy neighborhood without the nuisance of rising feral cat population.
  6. Encourage age-appropriate cat diet
    Proper cat health care comes along with a well-balanced cat feeding. Providing your cat with age-appropriate diet offers bountiful of advantages to their health and growth, and leads more to building a potential life span. And of course, adding good protein is always part of the healthy meal.
  7. Keep in touch with physical and mental health
    Always watch your cat’s physical and mental condition which includes keeping track of their body mass for unwanted obesity or abnormal weight loss. This, also, has something to do with present body conditions that have to be taken with immediate actions once necessary.
    Keep in touch with physical and mental health
  8. Take note of eating habits
    Your cat’s eating habit is one of the indicators of present body condition. When your cat appears to have sudden loss of appetite, you may spare some time to have checkup from a vet, or think more of an appetizing, healthy meal your cat can’t resist.
  9. Promote proper hygiene
    Cats are meticulous creatures when it comes to hygiene. And they love their litter boxes to be always clean and readily available when nature calls.
  10. Watch cat’s dental health
    It can’t be of an assurance and relief even if your cat belongs to those cat breeds with ideal life span as long as dental problems gets in the way. Poor dental condition leads to a devastating damage to your cat’s health. Gum diseases harm animals almost in an unnoticeable, silent way and can ruin everything. But a regular dental check and hygiene can definitely save your cat from unfortunate periodontal diseases.
  11. Don’t ignore sudden behavioral change
    Cats have distinct mannerisms on their own. This helps you to easily figure out if there’s something wrong going on with your cat.
    How to Lengthen Your Cat's Life

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  12. Give proper grooming
    Like you, your cat also needs a haircut especially when those hair tangles started to get in the way (especially long-haired breeds). This will also help prevent the invasion of parasites to your cat’s body which we don’t really want to happen.
  13. Be organic
    We hate our cats taking in some harmful toxins into their bodies as much as we do to ourselves. If possible, get rid of chemicals around the house. Thus, it should be best applied by starting off with the food your cat eats. Opt for lesser additives. Cook and stick to organic vegetables and fresh protein.
  14. Avoid punishments
    Punishments are never advisable to everyone, not even to your cat. It builds unwanted fear which may contribute to unexpected pet loss or mischief. Practice proper cat discipline and your cat will eventually acquire how to properly behave around the house.
  15. Give good presents
    Happiness is one key to live a longer life – and this best applies to cats too! Giving cats toys or their favorite snack never fails to amaze and make them happy, especially after such an act of politeness around the house.
    Give cat a good presents
  16. Cat-proof your home
    Take note that your home is your cat’s comfort zone aside from that cozy, warm lap of yours. Making your home cat-friendly is tantamount to putting security in place wherein you are rest assured that your cat is fully safe in his whereabouts in the house.
    cat proof home
  17. Guide/guard cat while outdoors
    A lot can happen to a pet in a single step outside the house: vicious attacks, accidents, and getting stolen are just a few of them. Thus, always take a close watch on your cat while outdoors, or better yet, secure a harness or leash to prevent him from wandering off farther.
  18. Bond
    Making time for our cats is always as rewarding as it is to them – perhaps even more. This allows your cat to feel more in need to stay with you longer, thinking there’s such no other fun time than to be with you in anything you do.
    bond with cat

It’s never been a waste of time to get into our duties of cat parenting, knowing it unlocks even more beautiful and longer times to spend with our furry babies. But what about when you’re away? The weight of being departed from your furry ball is one devastating thing to think about. Sure you were bombarded with questions like “Who can watch over my cat while I’m away?” or “Where can I find cat sitting services near me in the US?”

The ways are easy. Here’s a cat boarding hotel in Bay Area, San Francisco with cat-loving staff who can take of your cat as much as how you take care of him. So worry no more when you’re away for a vacation, knowing you’ve got compassionate people who will look after your cat’s welfare and happiness. Because when it comes to establishing a meaningful lifetime bond with our cats, it takes a true, pure care to let them fully live their “nine” lives or even more.

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