20 Of the Most Expensive Cats In The World

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It may be easy to find or adopt a cat. But little did we know that there are actually a large number of different cat breeds that can drive you crazy in size and in price. With the astounding hundred and thousand dollars they cost, don’t be surprised if they can be more expensive than your car or jewelry. But who can’t help but have these su-purr cute felines, they’re simply the sweetest.

20. Siamese $200 – $800

Remember Si and Am in the famous Disney movie, “Lady and the Tramp”? Those sneaky, seal-point, cream-colored felines that showed up in the movie are Siamese – better known for their elegance and wit that hovered around their slim bodies.

Siamese is an Asian cat, particularly native to Thailand where it is referred to as “Wichianmant”. This cat is characterized by its almond-shaped blue eyes and its coat that resembled that of a masquerade attire that has perfect combination of block stocking on their feet and a cream wrap around their body. They are fond, haughty, and talkative cats. Better pay attention to their playful, sociable attitudes – they simply demand it from you.

Siamese - 16 to 20 years

I/S: www.catfactsforkids.com

19. Norwegian Forest Cat $500 – $800

This cat is popularized for its long, glossy coat. It somewhat portrayed some of fairytale and legend figures like the Norse Goddess, Freya, whose chariot is pulled by six hairy giant cats.

It was introduced by Vikings to Norway around 1, 000 AD. They almost gone extinct in World War II but due to the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club, the breed was kept alive until now. Since they are cats of the farm and wilderness, they are actually waterproof cats. They need constant attention and love to be outdoors. Take time to take them for a walk outside.

norwegian forest cat

18. Egyptian Mau $500 – $800

These cats are known for the striking characteristics of their spotted coat. They are also known for their sweet “sing song” voices with their chortling sound.

Egyptian Mau breed originated from Italy, that’s why they are dominant in the western part. What’s good about these cats is that you would know if they’re happy and they are fiercely devoted to their human family. Love them as much they love you.

Silver Egyptian Mau

I/S: Wiki image

17. Selkirk Rex $500 – $800

This cat in wild, woolly curls is characterized by their sheep-like figure. This little furry ball cat breed had even made an appearance in the TV show “Moonlighting.”

This breed originated from a house cat named Miss Depesto of Noface from the shelter of Montana in 1980s. This cat has cuddly, sociable nature, so don’t leave it alone in long periods.


I/S: Wiki image

16. American Shorthair $500 – $900

American shorthair is considered to be the seventh most popular in America. They were firstly introduced to the US to protect cargos from mice and other pests.

It may have named after America but it actually originated from Europe. This cat loves puzzles and toys and doesn’t want to be carried out – let it be on its own. Just give it a spot next to you on the sofa and it will be happy.

American shorthair - 16 years

I/S: vetstreet.com

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