30 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Posted on July 15th, 2016 by Benjz Compo

Cats may have these odd behaviors that we can’t read sometimes, but that doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t love you. In fact, cats show affection the other way around – in the most mysterious ways but the best!

Check these out and if you experienced one of these with your cat, then you’re lucky.

  1. Staring
    Your cat stares at you, almost never breaking an eye contact. But don’t you know cats only that to the humans they like?
  2. Greeting
    You’re on your way towards your doorstep and you see your fluffy baby standing on the other side of the door. She must have been waiting for you for hours to get home from work.
  3. Head bumping
    Cats may not talk like humans but head bumping is their way of saying “hello” to you. When your cat does it, she produces oil glands in her ears and leaves her scent on you as though you’re one of her clan. Isn’t that cute?
  4. Meowing
    Cats only meow to humans and that is one cat fact. If your cat’s meowing before you, then she must have been saying she loves you with all her heart and please feed her. Does a cat meow sound so sweet? Yes it does.cat purr
  5. Purring
    Probably the most serene sound ever – a cat’s purr. Purring is a sign a cat is comfortable with you as if you’re her mother.
  6. Blinking
    Your cat is blinking at you slowly. You wonder why? It’s sending you kisses in the air, better pay a smooch in return.
  7. Following you around
    Your cat follows you around but don’t get it wrong. She just simply can’t get enough of you and demands more attention, and perhaps, securing she’ll never lose you.
  8. Kneading
    A cat kneads you because she sees you as her mother, where in fact you really are! She does that to feel your warm love which is hers only.
  9. Tail twitching
    Your cat twitches its tail because she’s happy to see you and excited for another game you’ll play with her.
  10. Licking
    You’re being licked here and there. Quite tingling, isn’t it? It’s your cat’s way of marking and claiming you as her territory, her one and only human for the rest of her life.
  11. Love biting
    Please don’t get it wrong if your cat bites you. It’s one of her simple ways of showing affection to you and asking you to play with her.signs cat love you
  12. Sitting on lap
    Always keep your lap spacious for your baby. For her, it’s the most comfy place where she can sit and sleep in the warmth of your body where she feels loved and protected.
  13. Getting jealous
    You almost finished the whole day reading your book but can’t get enough with the chapters since your one fluffy baby is blocking the pages. Don’t you get it? It’s jealous!
  14. Sulking
    Just when you get home from a week-long vacation, your cat might be acting aloof around the house. She sulks since you haven’t been around for quite a long time and she’s thinking you might have found another one.
  15. Bringing presents
    If your cat brings you dead mouse or bird in your bed, take it as the sweetest act of gratitude. She simply wants to give you a gift she took hard time to get as payment for your tender care and love.

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by Benjz Compo

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