Every kitty has a space to call their own, as well as access to playrooms. Studios can sleep 1 cat, Lofts can sleep up to 2 cats, the Study and Cat Cave can sleep up to 3 cats and the Lounge and Jungle can sleep up to 5 cats. Kitties will spend their nights in their own spaces and the day in playrooms (cat cams are located in all playrooms).

Loft (1 cat $38/ 2 cats $55)

Mission: Cats Loft Accommodation

Our large lofts are custom built with the idea that every cat is a small lion at heart. Large sleeping quarters with plenty of room to jump and play; the lofts stand six feet tall by four feet wide. Each loft contains a hidey cubby with comfy bed,  hidden litter box compartment, three additional levels for lounging and jumping, and your cats favorite toy selection. Each Loft provides 48 cubic feet of space!

Studio ($28)

Mission: Cats Studio Accommodation

Our Studios were made to be cozy and comfortable for one kitty. They have separate litter box area separate from the sleeping quarters and are well suited for older cats, or cats that have trouble climbing.  Cats staying in our Studios will also have limited access to playrooms.  Studios provide 16 cubic feet of space for your kitty and are recommended for cats under 8 pounds. Reservations more than 4 days are required to be booked in a Loft.  This is for your cats comfort.


Our playrooms are available to all cats who need more space to explore and lounge. Each room has it’s own personality to appeal to all sorts of cats! We rotate cats thru the playrooms all day, so that each cat gets a maximum amount of time to play!

Jungle Escape ($77)

Mission: Cats Jungle Escape Playrooms

One of our large front window rooms with lots of sunlight provides a great view of the mass bird gathering that takes place at dusk and dawn. A real tree trunk provides a exotic scratching post while other kitties choose to climb to new heights on our wall cat tree. A cascading fountain provide fresh moving water for play or drinking. Real fur mice, feathers and fun await your explorer in this play room.

Lounge ($77)

Mission: Cats Lounge Play Area

With catnip cocktails and plush beds the Lounge provides the perfect escape for the hard-working kitty spy. Cool and contemporary, a high-rise cat condo provides an outlook over your kitty’s domain. Large windows allow your cat to observe the active sidewalk and trees. The Lounge is available for private bookings for up to 5 cats from the same household. The Lounge provides over 500 cubic feet of play space for your kitty family, or spoiled kitty!

Cat Cave ($65)

Mission: Cats Cat Cave Play Area

The ultimate place for fun the cat cave has all the toys and games a kitty could want. An eccentric cat condo, wall climbers, a hanging tunnel, tons of toys and a ball track make this smaller group room a great place for the kitty that wants it all. The Cat Cave is also available for private bookings for up to 3 cats from the same household. The Cave has over 200 cubic feet for playing!

The Study ($65)

Mission: Cats Study Room Play Area

Our Study is the perfect room for older and skittish kitties. Think of it as our quiet relaxed play room where cats can sit in the arm chair, nap in the condo, eat catnip and scratch cardboard to their hearts content. This room is more reminiscent of a homey living room rather than a kitty hotel. The Study is available for private bookings for up to 3 cats from the same household.